5 Streams live in Singapore

by Norscq



Ibrahim Quraishi’s show, 5 Streams performed in Singapore during last Singapore Night Festival on August 30th and 31st, 2013.

The show was sliced in three, 15’ long, distinct parts separated by one hour each and this is the live performance of the band :
Norscq, Nicolas Lelièvre and Olivier Hüe.
It is a recording from the mixer outputs and the mix is far from being great but we like it and are proud of it !

Here it is :

Part 1 • The man with a plan

Norscq ~ synthesizer, voice
Nicolas Lelièvre ~ drums
Olivier Hüe ~ electric guitar

Part 2 • As a warrior, I could have danced all night

Norscq ~ synthesizer, electric bass
Nicolas Lelièvre ~ bendir, drums
Olivier Hüe ~ ‘ud, electric guitar
featuring :
Naseem Abbas ~ voice

Part 3 • Nature and paradise

Norscq ~ organ, electric bass
Nicolas Lelièvre ~ organ, drums
Olivier Hüe ~ electric guitar
featuring :
Jacquelyn Soo ~ gamelan
Ho Sze Ying Rachel ~ flute
Crystal Lin Feng ~ flute
Raghavendran Rajasekaran ~ flute

with very special thanks to Herwan Abdul Samad and Syed Ahmad and his Bloco Singapura team


released August 30, 2013


all rights reserved


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